Monday, December 13, 2010

ACTIVETRAVEL ASIA organized Unique Tour like “ James Bond film” near Angkor Wat, Cambodia

Travelers become the commandos with a mission to release the British Journalist in deep jungle of Cambodia who are searching a treasure and kidnapped by some Khmer rouge Soldiers. The commandos fly in on helicopter from Bangkok, Thailand and land and walk through jungle in Cambodia, crossing stream, abseiling big rock at night to reach the ruin.

The ruin in the deep jungleThe ruin in the deep jungle, Cambodia

In the ruin of a 1000-year old temple hidden in deep jungle of Phnom Kuleane Mountain, 70 km from Siem Reap, Cambodia, a British journalist is captured and tortured badly by some Khmer rouge soldiers. The journalist has a mission of searching for a treasure that is believed to keep a great power which can open the door to future and could change the future of the world. The journalist has the coordinates where the treasure is hidden and he was kidnapped when he arrived in Siem Reap. The Khmer rouge soldiers base in the jungle of Phnom Kuleane and is also looking for the treasure in order to get back their power. They are informed about the journalist’s journey by their secret agent. And that happen… a team of commandos is sent to the Phnom Kuleane to free the journalist and help him to complete his mission. The commandos fly in on helicopter and land 9 km from the ruin, they walk through jungle, crossing stream, abseiling big rock to reach the ruin. They camp 1 km near the ruin under a big tree and sleep in hammocks. After settling and eating the commandos quietly approach the ruin, they used night vision to locate all the positions and plan for the attack the next day.

The commandos are ready for the rescueThe commandos are ready for the rescue

Next morning, while the Khmer rough soldiers gather for breakfast, the commandos launch the attack and quickly rescue the hostage. They escape into the jungle again and head to the treasure location. The reach the treasure location by 5 pm the same day and successfully find it. They camp the second night in jungle. The next day they find their way back to Siem Reap… the mission completed.

The hammock which they sleptThe hammock which they slept

That is not a script of a Hollywood movie though it happened exactly as it is described above. This is a tour organized by ACTIVETRAVEL ASIA ( ATA) for its client, a security service firm from UK. The tour was greatly successful and everybody who involved in playing it or organizing it enjoyed it so much. It was extreme and fun the first 2 days of the tour and relaxing on the last day with a sightseeing tour of Angkor Wat, a fancy dining in the luxurious Grand D’angkor Hotel and an interesting night-life exploration of Siem Reap.

A hostage is capturedA hostage is captured

And the guns in the battleAnd the guns in the battle

This is the first one of this sort organized in Cambodia and ATA is planning to promote this sort of tour (game) in 2011. See below the rough some photos and behind the scene video of the tour. The complete video version will be updated soon.



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