Thursday, June 23, 2011

Seduced by Luang Prabang, Laos

We traveled here for four days: my wife and the girls plus my wife’s mom and husband, visiting from America. It was the last leg of their three-week visit to Southeast Asia and it didn’t disappoint.

Speaking with Andrew, the owner (who’s originally from Melbourne) he told me that one reason Luang Prabang has managed to retain its soul is that the people here are so proud of their culture, that they work hard to preserve it.

Old and new converge in Luang Prabang, Laos.
It shows. It’s a walkable town, although it’s also easy to grab one of the colorful tuk tuks, those covered motorcycle trucks with bench seats that are painted in a rainbow of colors. Male monks in saffron robes pace next to flash packing tourists. It’s a strange juxtaposition of the ancient and modern.

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Cambodia off the beaten track

Mention you’re going to Cambodia and chances are you’ll end up comparing notes on the glorious temples of Angkor, among the most awe-inspiring – indeed, mind-blowing – monuments ever conceived by the human mind.

It is hardly surprising that so many travelers from around the globe dream of gazing upon the towers of Angkor Wat, walking through the root-strangled gateways of Angkor Thom, and staring back at the enigmatic smiling faces that have made the Bayon famous.

Friday, June 10, 2011

USA today recommends adventure travel tours to Cambodia


Trekking in Cambodia offers a chance to meet local residents and experience the countryside firsthand. Active Travel Cambodia offers a trip called Trek Rattanakiri that features walking on jungle paths and on roads through towns. Rattanakiri is a rural area in northeast Cambodia known for its natural beauty, and trip activities include swimming in the shadow of pristine waterfalls. You also camp in villages and enjoy cultural interactions with ethnic minority tribes.

Trekking Rattanakiri

If you love the water, you can take a kayaking trip with companies such as Adventure-Cambodia. Tours range from one-day to multi-day outings. One trip features bird watching as you kayak on wetlands in the north, and others involve jungle or ocean kayaking. On an ocean trip, you kayak to islands, snorkel and stay in a beach bungalow. Adventure-Cambodia also has multi-sport tours that combine activities such as kayaking and trekking or kayaking and bike riding.

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

NHK TV to broadcast Son Doong cave reportage - The largest cave in the world

Japan’s NHK World TV will broadcast on June 25 a 3D scientific reportage on Vietnam ’s Son Doong cave, which is classified as the largest cave in the world.

NHK TV’s broadcast will reach 60 countries around the world, according to the Foreign Affairs Department of the central province of Quang Binh , where Son Doong cave was found.

Thursday, June 2, 2011

Green stamp on jungle style

In a country best known for its temples, Jane Dunford finds a floating ecolodge that's a gateway to a pristine environment.

I am, it's fair to say, in the middle of nowhere. This is the Tatai River, east of Koh Kong, in the southern reaches of Cambodia's Cardamom Mountains. Halfway between Bangkok and Phnom Penh, this is a pristine area of rainforest and coastal mangroves that barely features on the tourist trail.

Vietnam where I saw the most beautiful

In your eyes, where the place Vietnam most beautiful? Our questions are foreign photographer responded with these images upset: the picture angle is so simple that with them – people from a distance – that’s where most Vietnam features. And more beautiful images are to carry the most emotional story.

Surface of the Ba Be Lake

Of all the places I’ve been to in Vietnam, causing nowhere and touched fresh my soul with Ba Be Lake that day. That day, we went back a video with beautiful images of Vietnam, suddenly there are six women in traditional costumes of the Tay is smooth sailing on the lake near where we shoot. So glad we invited two people to model for us. Do not hesitate, despite the weather and the director asked to turn back, return, the two women still try to smile real big to get the best picture for us.

Back now though Ba Be lake many times since taking this picture, it’s hard to see the picture of Tay people wearing traditional dress here, but the image of two women always keep on smiling and generous in my mind. And so I found from Vietnam’s most beautiful places.

Love letter S

First time visit to Chau Doc on the west region, I saw the beauty of the season rice area Ta Pa of Tri Ton distance Chau Doc by 20km. Sitting on the scenery from the hills, I’m ecstatic in front of a vast field of golden wheat and blue layers. After 5-10 minutes, I saw a big tree and a very impressive way, S-shaped drawing up of Vietnam’s beloved. And the assiduous of mothers with heavy two shoulders quietly away in the rice fields have suggested in my real passions.

Fun time

In Sapa, when not in school, the Mong baby help parents sell traditional gifts such as handmade wallet, or souvenirs made from raw materials to earn in the forest. With no guests, the children play by holding the interesting folk game like me takes refreshment stalls in this way. The box game, jump rope, hopscotch is very attractive because despite differences in culture, history and language of our childhood also experienced moments like this.

To Vietnam, I discovered a number of major cities, but where I enjoy most Sapa. I myself moved from noisy Saigon, bustling Hanoi, on the misty highlands full of SaPa. And to come here, I have the impression of a land of fun colorful culture. Price as cultural identity to be kept here forever; do not fade over months on…

Peddled wares

One night, I was lost in the small streets of Hanoi. I have ventured to ask the way woman selling rice vermicelli in the lane. She is busy with scoop each bowl of noodles to visitors, who sit around waiting for food, has always urged her out but she still put bowl down, pointing the way for my guidance. She was laughing and everyone around you is laughing. I feel quietly pleased.

I have read somewhere that the sidewalk food in Vietnam is very interesting. And to come here, I discovered something new again. Sidewalk food in Vietnam is not only interesting because of the abundance of spices, but also by the friendliness of the people. Yes, delicious food around us when there is sincere.

Marking time

Old cars on the famous Hang Ngang in Hanoi. Features blends old and new are always giving me good feelings. I appreciate what goes through but also to the future. Hanoi thousand years of beautiful and graceful as the morning fog in Hoan Kiem Lake and spread around, covering the tree-lined streets, the crowded streets, the cone course, lakes and parks. With dozens of pagodas, communal houses, temples hidden away, with restaurants in the street find their ancient flavor, this city deserves to anyone taking the time to explore the treasures in the quiet, peaceful and forget the loud sounds, speakers, and the sound of motorcycle engines are everywhere.

I have had countless times and went walking along the horizontal motorcycle cities are constantly expanding this. But Hanoi’s Old Quarter is always deep in my heart.

Truong Tien Bridge

As I was walking on Truong Tien Bridge (Hue), a cyclo runs and the children shouted “Hello.” I also see this scene, this smile, and these greetings across Vietnam, but where I come across. Dumplings car by pushing the older woman on the bridge also reminds me something interesting: great food in Vietnam, despite enjoying the sidewalk.

I took this picture with a new discovery, an assertion is true about my country than I have been engaged for several years: Truong Tien bridge not Trang Tien as I (and many) each mistake.

Morning kiss

Morning, the floating markets near Long Xuyen (An Giang province), the boat carrying a man and a woman to visit a surfing boat light food. Between the noises of passing ships, my dear man I call: “Hello, hello.” When I raised the camera up, linked arm in arm across his neck woman hugged and kissed a bit. The woman hesitated; perhaps the first time she was married midst of people should blush, only laughed. I love this moment, I like Vietnamese people, so sincere. I saw Vietnamese little kiss at crowded places, but so do not mean they can not show love.

An Giang women
The people that I met in Me Kong River Delta were sincere, generous. Especially river man met me always ready to offer a glass as if had known each other for so long.

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