Wednesday, December 18, 2013

A Photo Diary

Martin Ratcliffe shared his beautiful photos with us, and now we’re sharing them with you for your delectation and travel inspiration. My feet are getting itchy just looking at them…

I’m on a boat…
Tasty treats, bun cha
There's no shortage of stunning scenery
...and the local culture is friendly and welcoming

Doing the weekly shop
Where's the seatbelt on this thing?
Take on the hectic streets
...but don't forget to relax and watch the world go by too
ACTIVETRAVEL ASIA would like to recommend Different Sapa - Different Trek tour.This trip gives you the best Sapa has to offer but not in the normal way. The traditional treks start in Sapa and finish back in Sapa. This special trek starts in Ben Den and finishes in Sapa. The trek is tougher but not less enjoyable since you trek through the hills and valleys of the Sapa region, discovering several different minorities along the way. You will experience overnight accommodation in the hospitable villages of Dzay, Tay and Dzao ethnic minorities. The apparent hardships are worth it though as we walk through some of the most spectacular scenery that Vietnam has to offer and experience unique villages culture.


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