Thursday, October 3, 2013

Inside world of Son Doong

Pictures of Son Doong Cave have covered newspapers worldwide, showing the "attraction" of the world's largest cave.

Son Doong Cave in Quang Binh province, central Vietnam, was worldwide known in 2009, when a group of British explorers and locals discovered the whole cave. Since then, the world has been surprised by spectacular scenery of the vast cave with a length of more than 9 km, with forests, rivers, stalagmites... All are inside the Son Doong cave, the world's largest cave.

To enter the cave, explorers had to use ropes to drop down 80m depth to begin the journey to explore the world in Son Doong cave.

Four years after the cave was revealed to the world, the tour to conquer Son Doong cave was tested in August, opening up the opportunity to explore the cave for tourists.

The test will continue in February and March 2014. Each group of tourists will have up to six people, with the cost of $3,000. More than 100 international visitors have registered for the tours in 2014.

The entrance to the Son Doong cave

Part of the cave roof collapsed a few centuries ago. Thus, rain and sunlight can reach here, creating favorable conditions for plant growth in the cave

An explorer enters into the cave.

Green vegetation inside Son Doong.

Trees along the entrance to the cave

The rocks named Chan Cho (dog foot) near the cave entrance. This large stalagmite is in the shape of a dog foot.

Ken (cocoon) Cave with a narrow lake.

A different perspective of the Ken Cave. It looks like mysterious eyes. 

The stalagmites.

A stream inside Son Doong. 

Wading through a stream.

A waterfall in the cave.

Exploring the cave like doing the journey to the underground world.

View from the Edam garden.

The calcareous water droplets dripping, gradually forming "pearls" in the Son Doong cave

Rock veins covered with green algae.

The "exotic sculpture" of nature.
The camps of the first tourist group who were allowed to explore the Son Doong cave in August 2013

A river in the cave
Source:VietNamNet Bridge 

ACTIVETRAVEL ASIA would like to recommend Son Doong Surroundings tour.Son Doong Cave, En Cave (Swallow Cave or Hang En) are the most spectacular sights in Quang Binh province (Central of Vietnam). Fortunately, when Son Doong is currently restricted to scientists and cavers only, we can have a great two-day trek to En Cave. The Cave is 1.645 m long and has three mouths. One is halfway up a mountain and two others are located on another mountain which has its foot on the south-east and north-west alongside Rao Thuong Stream. All of these make the cave different from other well-known caves in the country.


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