Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Cycling Southern Vietnam

By Dan Moore 
Welcome to our last installment of Tour de Vietnam, where we share photos taken from the cycling lane. (In case you missed it, you can check out our snapshots from the North and Central region as well.) A massive thank you to everyone who has commented, tweeted, sent words of encouragement and virtual high-fives, and basically kept us inspired throughout our trip. Cycling Vietnam sure wasn’t easy, and if it’s wasn’t for you we might have found ourselves on the first bus barreling past. 

Seriously, you guys rock! This is our last installment of Tour de Vietnam, but we have an extensive post cram-packed with anything you could possibly want to know about cycling Vietnam coming at ya on Thursday. We are covering everything from how to buy bikes to cycling itineraries to where we slept and how we found toilets. If you have specific questions you want answered, send them our way and we will address them. Again, thank you for joining us on our journey. Hope to have you along for many more! And now, here’s a glimpse of Southern Vietnam!

Cycling Vietnam 1

Cycling Vietnam 2 

Cycling Vietnam 4

Cycling Vietnam 5

Cycling Vietnam 6


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