Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Bac Ha’s horse racing tournament attracted over 30.000 visitors

Early morning of June 8th 2014, despite the bad weather, the big fans of sport and travel, already gathered in the white plateau- Bac Ha, here, the barefoot cavaliers were controlling their horse racing in a high speed instead of climbing mountain trail for packing wood or corn.
Horse racing tournanment 2014
According to Thao Seo Cau, Vice President of Bac Ha district, the horse racing tournament 2014 attracted over 30.000 visitors, nearly triple Bac Ha’s population.

As a part of Bac Ha tourism week, horse racing tournament highlighted as an important activity that attracted the huge number of people joined ever.

The horse racing tournament 2014 has nearly 100 horses. Beyond the traditional local horses, who recorded high ranks previous years, the tournament 2014welcomed horses from Si Ma Cai and Si Man district (Ha Giang province).

The result was under expectation. Thanks to careful training, the final round is compelling and fierce from the start-up to finish with big competition by two racers Vang Van Quyet and Vang Van Huynh. 
Vang Van Quyet , a second runner-up2013, is 2014 winner with the award up to 20 million VND. Vang Van Huynh, second runner-up, is awarded as much as half value to the winner.Racers, from Na Hoi commune, attended the final round with a strong determination. Time chasing was fierce, the result differed by seconds only. 
Within the very first seconds of the race, the 2013 champion Vang Van Huynh rode quickly to become a leader of the two beginning laps. However, in the third lap, Vang Van Quyet(jersey no.77), chased fiercely and surpassed Vang Van Huynh just nearly 10 meters to the finish line and became the winner of tournament 2014 eventually.

Vang Van Huynh, champion consecutively three years, was on second position; Vang Van Thuc was the third runner-up. The next follower was Thang Van Lung.

The board of organizers has awarded the first prize for the team from Na Hoi commune, second prize for the Ta Van Chu commune and third prize for the Ban Pho commune.Bac Ha‘s horse racing tournament 2014 ended successfully.

In the previous day of Bac Ha tourism week agenda, the hosts organized several festivals such as “Xoe Night Dancing Ta Chai,” Food and Culture Fair and plum flower Tamect.Bac Ha festival 2014 successfully completed and attracted thousand visitors attending, trading and interacting.


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