Friday, September 10, 2010

Dambri in Da Lat, Vietnam, the girl longing for love

Once upon a time, in a village near a big river in Dalat, there was a young couple who were deeply in love.

Dambri waterfall in Dalat, Vietnam

They wanted to spend their life together but the girl’s father was a rich village chief who wouldn’t allow his daughter to marry the young man from a poor family. The chief then forced the boy to leave the village causing his daughter great sorrow.

She came to the river to cry every day, longing for her lover to return but he never did. The girl died in desperation, turning into green leaves on the hill and her tears flowed into the river forming a beautiful waterfall that was named Dambri or "Longing for love".

This is the legend of Dambri waterfall, about 20 minutes ride from Bao Loc Town. Many like to retreat to the more comfortable pace of Bao Loc to getaway from the city for a few days. The cooler weather is another draw card.

From the center of the town, the road winds around the hills to the fabled waterfall. Riding a motorbike is the best way to get there - the cool air on your face, French colonial houses and the great smelling tea plantations along the road. The waterfall is down in a green valley and the stairs can be a little slippery. From half way down you can hear the roar of the roaring water like thousands of elephants running, as if the grief of the girl is pushed to the limit.

The seasonal heavy rains at this time of the year, have made the force of the falls unstoppable. Water from the upper streams thunders down from the 60 meter falls, smashing into white foam and mist on the water-worn stones below.

The majestic power of the waterfall is bordered all around by nature. After the soaking at the waterfall’s misty base, you can go to the top to Chau Ma minority village, where you can learn how to playing traditional musical instruments, and make brocatelle fabric products under instructions of Chau Ma villagers.

The tea and coffee processor, Tam Chau of Bao Loc, that manages Dambri has opened restaurants, souvenir stores, remade the paths and erected statues. There is a gentle roller coaster and for tourists who are too lazy to climb the stairs there is a lift right next the falls. Some people have criticized the developer for interfering with the pristine beauty of the place.

With or without human interference Dambri is a natural wonder. The water from the falls also supplies the local tea and coffee plantations.

Source: VietNamNet

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