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Cham island, Vietnam – A part of the world’s lung

Lying in Tan Hiep commune, in the central province of Quang Nam’s Hoi An town, Cu lao Cham or Cham island is a cultural historical monument that is closely associated with the establishment and development of Hoi An town for a thousand years.

The island has become one of 15 Vietnamese maritime reserves since 2007. However, in May, 2009, the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organisation (UNESCO) accepted Cham island as a world biosphere reserve thanks to its topography, the biodiversity value and the unspoilt and attractive landscape.

Cham island, Vietnam – A part of the world’s lung

The sapphires

The island consists of eight islets, including Hon Lao, Hon Dai, Hon Kho me or the mother Hon Kho, Hon Kho con or the child Hon Kho, Hon La, Hon Tai, Hon Ong. Each islet with a distinct feature of beauty and wonderful sand beaches make an ideal landscape. The abrupt mountain slopes, big waves and floristic composition makes these islets like unpolished sapphires. The island is, therefore, an ideal destination.

Kingdom of aquatic animals

With 500 hectares of sea-weed alga, marine algae and sea grass and 165 hectares of coral and sea creatures, the island is considered a kingdom of aquatic animals. Of which, the coral has 135 species, algae and sea grasses have 500 species, fish 202 species, lobster 4 species and mollusks 84 species. Under the clear fresh water is coral and shoals of colorful fish. If you go for a scuba dive you will encounter a beautiful marine world.

Cham island, Vietnam – A part of the world’s lung

Go and discover

Cham island is 15 kilometres from Cua Dai beach and 20 kilometres off the coast from Hoi An ancient town. If reach the island by hi-speed boat, it will take you just 30 minutes. Meanwhile, boat ticket prices are very reasonable. Therefore, there will be no reason for you to miss the chance of taking a visit to such a natural and unspoilt landscape, fresh air and cool climate. From Cua Dai beach, you can also take a trip to the island by a normal boat.

However, before starting the trip, you should be aware of environmental protection. You should not bring anything made from plastic or anything that could damage the environment.

After starting the boat, you will quickly reach the largest islet- Hon Lao, that covers 1.317 hectares and is 500 metres high. This islet is, therefore, considered as the rooftop of these islets. Continuing on the trip you can visit the historical monuments of Hai Tang Pagpda-a 300-year architecture located among three mountains called Bat Long, Ngoa Long and Tiem.

There are so many wonderful landscapes on Cham island that you can not visit far-away places on a day tour. However, destinations that you should not miss include Lang Ong, the old well, Huong fishing village, and an exhibition of nature and the Cham island people’s culture.

Come and enjoy

If you come to Cham island you will have chance to join in many water sports, including swimming, water skiing, paragliding, kayaking, kite flying and boat racing. You will also have chance to scuba dive and go on glass-bottomed boat that allows you to discover the underwater world. At night time, you can also participate in cultural activities on the beaches until late.

Finally, there is nothing that could bring you a more enjoyable feeling than enjoying the special fresh seafood at reasonable prices after your trip or tour.

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