Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Halong Bay in Vietnam

After visiting Hanoi, the author have been to Ha Long Bay with a memorable overnight sailing junk cruise.

Our next side trip from Hanoi was to Halong Bay on an overnight sailing Junk cruise.

Ha Long Bay, Vietnam

The boat that was recommended to us was sold out when we called to book and so we were given the option to go out on the company's private boat for only $20 more. With a whole little sailboat to ourselves our captain gave us the option to follow the larger boats and partake in the evening karaoke party with the larger group or dock in the quieter section of the bay that is only open to smaller boats. Those of you who know how much I love to sing and Vic loves to be singled out will know that we opted out of that "party".

We spent the first day kayaking through a fishing village, enjoying a calm cruise through the breathtaking scenery of Halong Bay and having a super romantic seafood dinner on the boat deck. Sleeping on the boat was great aside from some very persistent mosquitoes. We spent our second day exploring the surprise cave and climbing to the top of a lookout point for a view of the bay.

Our tour guide kept us entertained asking questions about our lives in Canada and telling us about his life, friends and family in Vietnam. We found it interesting to learn that young Vietnamese follow the trends of South Korea. We also got a good laugh hearing that they spend family weekends eating a barbecue of grilled fish and chicken followed by a long night of karaoke. They don't eat snake or monkey...dog only once a month and not the family pet... you get the gist.

Very enlightening. What a great way to end our time in Vietnam!

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Ha Long Bay Cruise


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